I love my mom but she found a roach in my room…I know throw them away, but anyways anytime I tell her I smoked she always tried to send me to rehab, so of course I deny it. It’s whatever. So this morning I am in a great mood, actually got up early with my kids. That’s a huge set for me. My daughter was like no don’t do that..just being her normal self and I was joking around with her. Then my moms says like you listen to don’t do drugs, boys, and booze…..her music truly ruined her. Serious it’s funny if she ever took the time to really know me for me she would see I am far from that. I smoke and relax sometimes even ball my eyes out. It helps me, maintain a good weight. It’s hard for me to gain weight due to my tyoird issue, so whenever I stop smoking my weight never goes over 95-6 but whenever I smoke( there is a right amount) I like two-3 joints or blunts daily, fat. I maintain a weight of 100-105. I don’t have sex. No guys even talk to me and when I am having a bad day realize my own mother can’t accept. It’s sets all my hard work back. Then I was ready last night, I just might a pyscopath. If I wrote this on paper, my mom would find it. I would rather 7billion strangers then her. Find and be like see I told you “you’re just like your father’. Know that I realize things about myself I am going to get help.